22 PR Tools for Monitoring & Managing Media Relations in 2020

There’s nothing more valuable to a client than seeing his or her company’s name appear in an article, news report, or blog post. This third-party credibility and the ability to gain the attention of decision-makers is key to building a brand.

But without the right software, you could be missing out on hundreds of earned media opportunities.

According to the 2018 Marketing Agency Growth Report[1], new agency businesses often face challenges while deciding which tools to invest in for the next year. 72% of new business owners invest in both online and offline lead-generation marketing strategies, 45% of them invest in diversifying their agency service offerings (learn more about apps for agency services[2]), and 34% invest in implementing new business practices.

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While focussing to invest in marketing and sales strategies in an effort to increase lead gens and customers, it is also essential to invest in tools for public relations so you can increase your agency’s visibility and image across the market.

If you’re looking to double-down on earned media efforts, you might need a few tools to manage, track, and monitor your clients’ and even your own firm’s PR efforts. Without being able to connect the dots between a media mention and an influx of leads or inquiries, your agency is leaving value on the table.

But the public relations industry is changing: Some blogs and influencers are becoming more important than traditional outlets, journalists and editors are increasingly turning to Twitter, comments boards, and other sites for sources, and newsrooms are shrinking, leaving editorial voices outnumbered 5:1[3].

However, many new digital tools have erupted from the changing environment, making it difficult to know which will help garner the most media mentions — the goal of an effective PR strategy. To maintain a positive and abundant PR message — that will influence a target audience to learn and adopt a brand — it is important to keep expanding reach.

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